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Queen Elizabeth Scholars’ Symposium

In recognition of Her Majesty’s legacy, the Rideau Hall Foundation, with support from the Department of Canadian Heritage and in partnership with Universities Canada, created the Queen Elizabeth Scholars Symposium Series as an opportunity for knowledge exchange on themes of national and global importance from across Her Majesty’s 70-year reign.

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Profile: Rachel Morgan

Meet Rachel Morgan, a senior program manager at Dalhousie University with a passion for entrepreneurship education and cross-cultural exchange. With a degree in International Development and Political Science, and a Masters in Global Health, Rachel has worked on four continents, including a four-month stint in Uganda working on food policy research and advocacy.

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Profile: Niehad Mabrouk

Niehad Mabrouk, originally from Sudan, is a passionate physics graduate student pursuing her PhD in quantum information at the University of Calgary. Her work focuses on verification and validation of quantum communications. Niehad’s curiosity has been a driving force throughout her academic journey. Her acceptance as a QE Scholar has also helped her connect with people from different areas and cultures, opening her mind to new ideas and perspectives.

"I wouldn’t be in this next step in my academic career if it wasn’t for that QES opportunity."
Kristal Ambrose, incoming scholar
Dalhousie University
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Profile: Marina Melanidis

Marina Melanidis is a passionate environmentalist dedicated to finding community-based solutions to the urgent issues of biodiversity loss and climate change. As the founder of Youth for Nature, a global youth-led non-profit, Marina supports young people in leading the charge for change on these critical issues. Through her work as a QE Scholar, Marina has broadened her perspective and gained valuable tools for understanding global issues, particularly the climate crisis.

“One of my most important lessons learned is that culture is fluid, complex, and influences a person's beliefs, values, and everyday life in more ways than I could have imagined. “
Christine Chauvet, outgoing QE Scholar
University of Alberta
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Profile: Andreas Robinson

Andreas Robinson, a social entrepreneur from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, is passionate about human potential and community development. As a QE Scholar, he advocates for understanding the duty of care in life, asking, “What is your privilege? What is your power, and what is your platform?” For Andreas, equity and education mean centering the lived experiences of all individuals, ensuring representation, inclusion, and belonging.

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Profile: Ali Akbar

Ali Akbar is a senior policy and program advisor in the Ontario Public Service, where his passion for developing education on a global scale drives his work. As a QE Scholar, he believes in promoting inclusivity and creating opportunities for everyone to experience the value of global education.

“My QES experience provided me with a new working environment that was a very good opportunity for learning and personality development. It provided me with the opportunity to discuss ideas with other researchers in my field, broaden my thinking and enhanced my research skills.”
Atif Hussain, QE Scholar from the UK
Laval University
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Profile: Taiwo Afolabi

Originally from Nigeria, Taiwo Afolabi studied and conducted research in numerous countries before arriving in Canada for doctoral studies. As a PhD student and QE Scholar at the University of Victoria, he used applied theatre to help refugee communities share their stories in ethical ways.

QES boosted his research and publishing experience and helped him build a research network in Canada, where he decided to stay and build his career.

“QES is an incredible program that contributes to youth leadership through global experiences, building relationships, transforming communities and inspiring sustainable change.”
Cherie Enns, Associate Professor
University of the Fraser Valley